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'Beta plus' gynecological policlinic headed by Dr. Romana Dmitrović and a team of top gynecologists merges long-term experience, knowledge and dedication in the treatment of 'women's conditions'. Using the latest diagnostic procedures, it is ushering us into a new age of preventive care and treatment of women's conditions. We believe that gynecological examination of women should start early, in youth or at least at the outset of sexual life. Using education and regular monitoring of young women and future mothers, the ever growing rate of malignant conditions of women's reproductive organs, infertility, inflammatory conditions, sexually transmitted diseases, menstrual disorders and other disorders can be prevented or treated. Having worked at some of the most prominent Croatian hospitals and obtaining training abroad, our team has pooled their acquired knowledge and is now ready to tackle all types of gynecological conditions.

NovaMed gynecological policlinic provides full medical care for women, including biochemical and microbiological testing and internal medical examination if and when necessary. This way the gynecological policlinic takes  the diagnostics to a higher level, because only by gaining insight into the overall condition of a woman's body can a full diagnosis be established and successful treatment administered.


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